Below are a few of our Tepui short films.  We love our outdoor activities coupled with camping in our Tepuis.  Why not make some fun Tepui shorts films to show off our staff and great tents.  We'll be featuring more in the year to come so check back soon.

Tepui Roof Top Tents | Family Camping

Our first Tepui Short film featuring the beautiful Alpine lakes of the Sierras. The crackle of the fire and shots of the woods just make you want to jump in the car and head out to the wilderness.

Tepui Roof Top Tents | Finding Flow

Tepui Roof Top Tents | Adventure Mashup

Tepui Roof Top Tents | Lost Coast Adventure


Tepui Roof Top Tents | Surfing in Santa Cruz


Tepui Roof Top Tents | Big Sur Weekend


Tepui Roof Top Tents | Death Valley Sand Storm

Tepui Roof Top Tents | Tepui Fest 2015

Off-road wheeling, live music, campfires, plenty of good food and libations, and hanging out with your community of Tepui enthusiasts in your Tepui Tents! The third annual TepuiFest 2015 had it all! If any of those things sound as fun to you as they do to us, you'll want to come on down to TepuiFest next year! Check out some highlights from TepuiFest 2015 in Hollister Hills, CA, as well as various stories scattered around with #TepuiFest15..

Tepui Roof Top Tents | Death Valley Adventure


Tepui Roof Top Tents | Setting up camp in Death Valley

Tepui Roof Top Tents | 2013 Adventure Highlights


Tepui Roof Top Tents | The Girls Go Climbing at Pinnacles

A few girls on the staff here at Tepui Tents are obsessed with climbing. When they asked if we could make a Tepui short of them climbing and a sneak peak of our new expedition series Kukenam XL Ruggedized we couldn't say no. C'mon, climbing chics, a sic rig and our new expedition series tent. How awesome is that!!! Now where will your Tepui take you?.